Discover The Wonders Of Israel, The Holy Land

The Holy Land is the place where religions and beliefs converge. A small corner of the world shared by three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Discover the wonders of Israel and activate all your senses because Israel is culture, gastronomy, beliefs and many people. Do you dare to discover this legendary land?

Tel Aviv attractions

Cosmopolitan, modern and young city where they exist. We suggest you discover its most architectural side. Its famous “White City” hides Bauhaus-style buildings among its streets. Walk through the Rothschild neighborhood and have a delicious brunch to recharge your batteries. The most artistic area is Neve Tzedek , where you will find art galleries and stylish clothing stores. And, if the sun allows it, don’t forget to go to the promenade. Its beaches, full of people, are perfect for practicing sports, sunbathing or taking a good swim in the waters of the Mediterranean.

Past and present of Jaffa

From the most modern city in the country, to an ancient city. Jaffa has more than four thousand years of history and was one of the largest ports in the entire Mediterranean. The white walls of its immense fort and its large market are a must, where you will find antiques and all kinds of junk as souvenirs. In addition, a tour of its oldest part is more than advisable: where the hangars used to be, now you will discover cafes and art galleries.

Haifa and its gardens

Haifa, the most beautiful and unknown city in Israel , stands out for its layout on the side of a hill. In addition, the greatest attraction of this city is the Bahai Gardens, built by the Bahá’ís , descendants of the Persians.


Nazareth is mythical because it is where Jesus Christ grew up and lived. Stroll through its narrow streets in its oldest part and stop to take a look at the many stalls scattered around the bazaar. And above all, don’t forget to visit the Basilica of the Annunciation.

Cradle of Judaism, Safed

This is the sacred city for Judaism, cradle of the Kabbalah. It is anchored at the top of a mountain in the Upper Galilee area. Explore the Synagogue Quarter and explore the galleries and shops of the Art Zone.

Its capital, Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the capital and the spiritual center of the three prevailing religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Here it all began. Jerusalem has so many places to discover that it is impossible to make a list. Even so, you cannot leave the city without visiting the Wailing Wall , accessing the Esplanade of the Mosques to discover the Dome of the Rock or walking through the narrow streets of its old part. Also do not forget to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher or climb the Mount of Olives .

The dead Sea

Are you ready to float on the water like you never have? We reached the Dead Sea, so pack your swimsuit. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the entire planet; it is 420 meters below sea level. And the salinity of its waters is 280% , so that no living being can inhabit them. It is the perfect point to relax from the entire tour of Israel.

Preparation Of Torah Reading From The Torah Scroll

“The late Rabbi Avi Harosh wrote that it was not said except to the first generations who were writing a Torah scroll and studying it but the Idna who wrote a Torah scroll and left it in the synagogue to happen in many matzahs ​​did on all Israel which he could write five Pentateuchs and Mishnah and Gemara and their commentaries In them he and his sons that the mitzvah of writing the Torah is to study Dakhtiv (Deuteronomy 19) and taught the children of Israel to put it in their mouths and by the Gemara and its commentaries he knew the meaning of the matzah and the law on Buryim.

Delphi II does not mean by the Rosh Hashanah to say that today there is no mitzvah of writing Torah, but in addition to the mitzvah of writing Torah literally today the mitzvah can also be observed by writing Chumashim and Gemarot etc. etc. and also the 16th ruling in fact. And the Kaf of the Gra there. (And see the roar of Aryeh C. L.V. Brachi Yosef Yod Shem. Responsa signed by Sofer Yod Sarnad)

It is true that the Shach brought the words of the retirement disagreeing with the B’Tselem in this and the following: Properly labeled and accurate in omissions and redundancies, etc. But in our time it is that we have been given permission to write Dafin Dafin books each on its own so why should we disrespect a Torah scroll in grace to learn from it unnecessarily. It is found in these generations that there is no learner from which Licha made matzah. And also seems to be the main thing.

And in Sefer Mishneh Shachir (Part II, item SA) he discusses the preparation of the reading of the Torah from the Sefer Torah and wrote that although according to the above-mentioned arbitrators regarding biblical years it seems permissible, mm according to the above retirement words that it is possible to learn from other books, there is no To disregard the honor of a Torah scroll in order to learn from it, otherwise Haka Nami in the case of Didan, since it is possible to learn to read from a correction printed for it, why to disregard the honor of a Torah scroll to learn the reading from it.

Although the entire prohibition is built on the words of retirement in the understanding of the Rosh, but according to the understanding of the Second in the Rosh, and it is also the conclusion of the 16th, once again there was contempt for studying the Torah Rabbi Ovadia Yosef also achieved in the Ovadia Vision Part II, page 2, that according to those who believe that Beit Yosef is no longer a source of contempt by reading a Torah scroll, it is certainly permissible for anyone to read a Bible and one translation in a Torah scroll. And YL that is allowed to be taken out and read in order to learn.

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